British Rolls-Royce Armored Car, 1914 Pattern

The armored car kits rolled forth in profusion this past couple of years. The renewed interest in The War to End All Wars proved most welcome to the modeling community.

I have a few Meng kits done, and I have enjoyed them. This one is extremely well-detailed. There are many very delicate parts, but Meng’s engineering made it as likely as possible that removal from the sprues could be accomplished without damaging them.

I was concerned that the photoetch wheel spokes would get the better of me, but after a few, they were easy. This kit was selected for me to build while recuperating from some surgery a few months ago, and it proved a nice relaxing exercise. Meng kits are getting better and better.

(c) Matt Dyer
(c) Matt Dyer
(c) Matt Dyer

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