Airfix Sea Hurricane 1/48 scale

The last month or so, I have been pursuing (without enormous success) competing at the world championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. It was fun, exhausting and took up way too much time (and money).

But here is a project I began last month. My inspiration was a profile painting in Richard Franks’ The Hawker Hurricane, a truly fantastic compendium of information about the Hurricane. Check out all his wonderful books published by Valiant Press in the UK.

There was a profile in the book of a Sea Hurricane that participated in Operation Torch and crashed on the beach in Algeria on November 8, 1942.

As I understand it, in order to make the French believe that Torch was an all-American operation, the British insignias were painted over as seen in the photo below.

I had to build it, but all my usual sources for Airfix kits were out of stock. Then I read that all the parts for the Sea Hurricane were included on the sprues for the regular model. And, the Hurricane was in stock, so I snapped it up. I rummaged through my leftover decal box, and I found the necessary markings.

I am in the process of applying those decals right now, and then it will be time for some light weathering (this Sea Hurricane did not last that long to look very weathered).

I really like Airfix kits. I am well aware of some features some modelers regard as faults in the lineup, but I don’t care. They are always fun to build.

More on this model when I finish it.

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