Have You Built an Arma Hobby Kit?

I built their PZL P.11c early last year and have a couple of their kits in my stash. These kits have 1/48 scale detail in a 1/72 scale model. The “Expert Set” version comes with more decals choices, masks and a PE fret. These kits look really nice when done, and the detail is amazing. Part fit is top notch. I mixed the brown paint from Tamiya acrylic colors to match the colors I saw in photos from museums where preserved and restored examples are found. It looks close. Who knows what Polish Khaki really looked like?

The Poles fought so hard in WWII against insuperable odds. I visited Warsaw a few years ago and stood on the Warsaw bank of the Vistula River where the Poles fighting in the uprising against the Germans would have seen the Russian tanks that were supposed to be helping them. The Russians were only watching and waiting for the Nazi war machine to consume them so they could move in for the spoils.

Arma Hobby PZL P.11c, buuilt from Expert Set version. (c) Matt Dyer

Scalemates show that vendors in Europe have the P-51B/C for sale now, but I see no vendors in the USA yet. I am sure it will be along soon. Followers of “the one true scale” will at long last have a really excellent P-51 with a turtle deck. I am sure the kit is superb and will buy it when once they are obtainable here.

Box cover for the Arma Hobby 1/72 scale Mustang. (c) Arma Hobby

One thing I love about 1/72 scale kits is the fact that they can be completed in much less time than larger scale kits. They make great projects to keep your scale model mojo alive and well.