U-2A Dragon Lady in 1/72 Scale – New Kit from Hobby Boss

Hobby Boss cover art.

I heard about this kit last summer, but when I asked some vendors at the IPMS Nats in Las Vegas, nobody knew anything.  It appears to finally be on the way. I looked at eBay, and vendors in China and the UK have it for about $50 plus postage.

One US vendor advertises it as “out of stock” at $47.99.  Now, I understand that we are suffering from inflation that has not been seen for 40 years, but half a C-Note for a 1/72 scale single engine aircraft with a 13” wingspan?

Oh, well. I have always had a special interest in U-2’s, and 1/72 scale is a great size for a replica of the aircraft.  I know I will end up biting the bullet  – or the charge card – when they start being generally available here.

My interest in the U-2 dates back to my Army days.  My unit was convoying from Ft. Hood, Texas out to the Mojave Desert in California for some exercises, and we made an overnight and refueling stop at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson.  We were convoying with 1st AD Division Artillery, and I guess the Air Force guys did not like these strange guys in green uniforms with all those guns driving around their base, so they stuck us off the side of one of the runways for our overnight stay.  We spent a pleasant evening eating C rations and watching U-2’s take off and land.  It was amazing how on take off they shot up on what looked like a 70 degree angle and disappeared way up there.  I have always wondered what it would be like to ride one.

I have no idea if this kit will be good or not, but I am looking forward to finding out.